Achieve greater, more-effective leadership.

Fast-track your skills and soothe your spirit.

As an achiever you never stop. You're always looking for ways to improve yourself, to focus, to broaden your reach and strengthen your talents. The demands of life, work and career can make it difficult to find the time, locate the experts and uncover the unique processes that allow you to achieve even greater, even more-effective leadership.

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You want to be that kind of mindful leader. You'll find that kind of path toward mindful, fearless leadership with the curriculum of the Mindfulness Mastermind

With Teams

Improve your return on people and eradicate toxic leadership from your culture.

In Business

Build a naturally engaged workforce and elevate higher consciousness all around you.

Personal Mastery

Gain greater clarity and confidence about your goals and leadership potential. Reinforce your career and lifestyle objectives while you nourish your soul.

Build Network

Connect with a select group of mastermind experts to learn powerful new resources for better more mindful choices.

The Miraval Experience


During the Mindfulness Mastermind, you can profit from everything that Miraval offers: yoga, meditation and fitness classes, hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. You can attend wellness lectures and workshops with Mirval's team of specialists, savor its award-winning cuisine and choose from more than 90 different complimentary activities and classes. Each experience incorporates the Miraval Life in Balance™ philosophy.

The Program

The MINDFULNESS MASTERMIND will take place at the country's number-one resort, the Miraval, nestled in Tucson's rapturously beautiful Sonoran desert. Spearheading this extraordinary premier program are top experts in the world of mindfulness Michael Tompkins and Mirabai Bush with the world's top thinker in management nd leadership Marshall Goldsmith with your mastermind host Dr. Cathy Greenberg. These experts have worked closely with Fortune 500 companies, elite U.S. Armed Forces and extraordinary entrepreneurs in mapping out systems for greater achievement through self-knowledge, emotional and social intelligence and moral courage.

You'll be among the select few entrepreneurs and executives to work side by side and one-on-one with these extraordinary pioneers in fearless leadership, personal growth and emotional intelligence. This is a more intimate, friendlier, more tactile experience than what you might get at a corporate retreat. Here, you will have hands-on access to experts, personalized coaching and valuable networking, all within a soothing spa environment. Here, your expert coaches will be with you to help you uncover new processes and systems so that you can become ever-more resilient in our challenging and swiftly changing world.

The Schedule

Miraval CEO, Michael Tompkins, will welcome all participants and their guests at an opening reception, Wednesday, July 23. He'll be joined by Miraval "Mindful Living" Experts and Mastermind Coaches - Dr. Cathy Greenberg and her team have planned a fun and motivating engagement process for participants, a kind of speed-dating that will allow attendees to connect deeply with each other.

Thursday: Kickoff/Breakfast/Full Day of Miraval Mindful Living Programs.

Thursday evening: Mastermind 6:30 - 10:00 p.m. This features leadership by Master Coaches and Experts, focusing on Courage and Resilience - Processing the Experience.

Friday: Kickoff/Breakfast/ Full Day of Miraval Mindful Living Programs.

Friday evening: Mastermind 6:30 - 10:00 p.m. This features further leadership by Master Coaches and Experts focusing on Consciousness and Processing the Experience.

Saturday: Kickoff Breakfast/Full Day of Miraval Mindful Living Programs.

Saturday evening: Mastermind 6:30 - 10:00 p.m., with leadership by Master Coaches and Experts.

Sunday: Gratitude Café & Appreciation Forum

The Investment

For the price of $2,797, you'll receive:

  • In-depth sessions with our experts, Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Marshall Goldsmith and Mirabai Bush
  • Dr. Cathy Greenberg's extraordinary "Fearless Leaders and EQi Assessment" that will help pinpoint where you are on the path toward fearless leadership and emotional awareness
  • 4 nights' accommodation at the Miraval Spa
  • Spa credit to spend as you choose
  • Unlimited access to regularly scheduled Miraval activities
  • An immersion program with evolving leaders and like-minded peers
  • Shared round-trip airport transfers between Tucson International Airport and the Miraval
  • Welcome Miraval tote bag and water bottle
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner daily
  • All snacks, non-alcoholic beverages and hors d'oeuvres daily
  • Unlimited regularly scheduled activities, lectures and programs
  • Full access to resort and facilities
  • $50 per person, per night resort credit on selected services

In addition, at the July 23 - 27 MINDFULNESS MASTERMIND, you'll do more than improve your emotional and intellectual skills. You'll be able to choose from 400 daily activities to enhance your mindfulness and steer you toward your personal and professional goals.

You'll tailor and build your own interactive experience with dozens of experts from Miraval Mindful Living. Your own personal Master Coach team will provide you with the tools to strengthen your leadership and empower your human potential.

Dr. Cathy L. Greenberg


As a leader you do so much to inspire others and to become a fearless leader. Now you should take time out to invest in yourself. At the Miraval Mindfulness Mastermind. ~ Dr. Cathy Greenberg

Featured Experts, the people you'll get to meet

Michael Tompkins

CEO of Miraval, co-author of Mindful Living

Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership Expert and author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Mirabai Bush

Mindfulness Leader and author of Working With Mindfulness

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